The Georgina Cares Fund began in 1996, with the help of former mayor, Robert Grossi.  Grown from a need to help the working poor in our community; the idea began as a way to lend a helping hand to Georgina residents who were going through a temporary situation.  For example, if a father lost his job, Georgina Cares would step in to cover the cost of hockey for the year so the kids could continue to play and not feel the effects of what the family was going through.  It was the perfect way to allow “kids to be kids” despite what was happening at home.  A Board was formed and together with the Georgina Advocate and Shaw Cable (now Rogers TV) an annual television auction was created to help fund the charity.

Now, 20 years later, Georgina Cares has grown and evolved.  Applications have been added and streamlined, the Compassion Fund has been established and guidelines have evolved…but one thing remains the same.  The Fund continues to help residents in our community like no other organization out there.

Georgina Cares has helped hundreds of local kids by funding their hockey, summer camps, music lessons and other programs.  Still others have taken part in school related activities…grade-booster programs or school trips, just to name a few.  Others have been provided funding for braces, or other medical equipment.

Our Board

The Board of Directors of Georgina Cares is a volunteer board, whose directors are elected at our Annual General Meeting.  Directors are required by our constitution to sign an affidavit of privacy where we legally bind ourselves to maintain the privacy of all information learned in the course of the discharge of our duties on the board.

The Board meets at the call of the chair, although this usually means meeting about 10-12 times per year.  There is no compensation for participation on the board – other than the good feeling one gets from helping the children we help.


Robert Grossi, President

Jim Anderson

Roxanne Archibald

Darlene Carson-Hildebrand

Naomi Davison

Debbie Green

David Muir

Jennifer Anderson

Robin Konstantopoulas

Kevin Forget

Ed Ward

Jaclyn Grossi, Program Administrator