There are several ways you can help to make our upcoming auctions a huge success!

BLOCK ITEMS…Your donation of a good or service would be a welcome addition to the auction.  An item or certificate for a service you provide will be given exposure and promoted during the entire segment it is featured in.

ALL-DAY ITEMS…a single product or service, valued at $600 or more, may be placed in our All-Day Block and given promotion throughout the entire day.  These items are introduced at the beginning, mentioned numerous times throughout the day and bid on during the final 20 minutes of the auction.

BLOCK CHAMPIONS!…You and your family can be a Block Champion in our Auction by donating a minimum $25 gift card. You may donate anything you want, from a local business that you want to support or any other store (we will tell you that we prefer a local business though). We will mention your name on the air during our live Auction and thank you for helping us.

BELL RINGERS…If our auction viewers bid an amount that exceeds the retail value of your donation, they will receive a “bell ringer” bonus.  This is also a donated prize of $5-$10.  Do you have any items or certificates that would fit this kind of donation?

CASH DONATIONS…are gladly accepted prior to the auction and will be announced during the event.*
The Kids Win and You Win!

While your donation of an item or service will benefit the kids of Georgina, the auction is also a great opportunity to get your name out in the community!

Upon request, we will gladly supply a poster to hang in your place of business advertising the upcoming auction and that you have donated to the event!

The week before the auction, your business name, donation description and its retail value will be listed in a one-page ad in the Georgina Advocate.  Items will be listed by block and airing time.

During your “10-minute block”, your item or service will be featured on television.  Your business name and donation description will be mentioned several times.

All-day items will be highlighted at the beginning of the auction and several times throughout the broadcast.  The final 20-minutes of the auction is devoted to this popular block.

The auction is aired live throughout Georgina.

If you are interested in making a donation to our auction, contact us or fill out our Donation Form (CLICK HERE)