Here’s How It Works in Four Easy Steps!

Step One: Grab a copy of the Thursday, November 27th edition of the Georgina Advocate for our one-page list of auction items.  You can also print off the list from the link below.  Check out all the great items…bigger and better than ever before!  Skim it briefly before the auction or study it and mark off all of the items you plan to bid on.

Step Two: On Sunday, November 30th, find a comfortable couch to sit on. Look around and smile…you are not shoveling snow to get out of the driveway, there are no line-ups, no crowds, no tax…  If you don’t have Rogers TV, find someone who does and borrow their couch.  Head to the library, there is a TV there (library opens at 1pm) or head to Jonathen’s Fish & Chips in Sutton (they will have the auction on). 

Step Three (the really fun part): Tune into Rogers TV, Georgina channel 10 at 12pm. Every 10 minutes, 9 new items are auctioned off in a block. During each block, the phone lines are open to take bids from the viewers at home. The person with the highest bid at the end of the block will receive the item. Smile again…you just picked up a fabulous item for yourself or crossed another gift off your list AND you have helped underprivileged kids in your community.

Step Four: You will receive a call to say that you are the successful bidder…Congratulations and thank-you! Stop by the Keswick Library between 6:30 and 8:30pm to pick up your items!

It’s That Easy!!!!

Please note:  the auction will only air live on Rogers TV Georgina (channel 10)

Click Here to see the 2014 Auction Items List